Little Miss Corpse or her "slave name" Annie, is the girlfriend of Billy. She appears in Billy has a Girlfriend as a minor character and doesn't appear again for the rest of the channel.

Biography Edit

Billy Has A Girlfriend Edit

When Tom comes home from work, Shenna comes down and tells Tom that Billy has a girlfriend. In hopes that he turned "normal", he goes into his room and sees Little Miss Corpse for the first time. She flashes her hand at him, reviling her "All seeing eye", according to Billy, she does it whenever she feels threatened. When he asks what her interests are, he mentions "One Direction", which causes her to scream in a demonic way. When he asks what the was happening to her, Billy tells him that he says that she freaks out over boy bands. She passes out, which is then reviled by Billy that they are doing a project to where they were going to burn a dragon onto his chest. He calls Shenna in, only to find out that she already knew about the plan. He kicks her out of the house after that.